About Us

Ensuring seamless interconnection...

About Us

Medallion Communications Inc is the product of structured collaboration between technocrats with versatile exposures and competences in the telecommunication industry. The company was founded with the vision of bridging the digital divide between the developing and the developed economies of the world. Medallion has operational base in North America as well as across several African countries

The business of Medallion involves setting up Interconnect Houses where operators not only have the opportunity to interconnect with multiple operators in one location, but equally share the available telecom infrastructure thereby reducing overhead. While most interconnect operators focus on only transiting of calls, Medallion’s model offers full financial settlement and reconciliation of interconnect traffic. This would greatly eliminate interconnect indebtedness in the industry and lead to accurate and timely processing of interconnect charges. Medallion deploys a robust and efficient billing and settlement infrastructure that is transparent in the resolution of interconnect related billing issues

Our mission

Medallion’s mission includes building technologically advanced and secure interconnect switching centers to enable the exchange of telecom traffic amongst the different operators in the market. The traffic to be exchanged would include voice, data (sms, fax), and video. This service would be targeted at all operators in the market including mobile, fixed, value added service, and content providers. Medallion’s infrastructure is designed to be robust and protocol independent to enable all classes of operators to interface seamlessly, for both TDM and IP-based telecom operators, as well as interface with any internet exchange points to ensure that local content providers are adequately catered for..